Migration Agent Australia

Migration agents in Australia offer a whole range of legal services on top of immigration assistance and visa processing services. They are not only registered migration agent Australia but are also experienced lawyers with many years of legal practice in many branches of Australian Law. This capability allows them to extend their range of services 491 visa way beyond the immigration stage for some of their clients. Often after years of successfully settling down in Australia, many of their clients who have become their friends would come to them for various legal assistance issues. 

• Administrative Law

Administrative Law is a mechanism for accountability that is applied to government decision making about individual cases, not policy making in general. When dealing with governmental agencies, either for a decision, an appeal or a review of a previous decision regarding a particular case that you or your company may be involved in, you will need the services of skilled administrative attorneys. 

Migration in Australia’s team of lawyers has in-depth understanding of The Australian Government Administrative Law Policy Guide, and they liaise directly with the Administrative Law Branch for advice about decision-making structures and review of decisions. Governmental agencies that normally figure in Administrative cases are those that provide benefits or aid to individuals during instances when said benefits are denied, delayed, diminished or discontinued. investor visa Australia

• Commercial Law

The immigration lawyer’s client base includes small and large private companies, financial institutions, venture capitalists, stockbrokers and accounting firms. Some of their clients were immigrants to Australia who set up their own small businesses upon settling here.

• Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers provide advice and court representation to persons charged with criminal offenses. The service can begin during the police interview and extend through committal, trial and sentencing. It even goes all the way to appeals and appearances before the Parole Board.

• Employment

Employment is obviously the foremost concern for clients who come to Australia under the skilled migration program. During the processing of their Australia visa applications, addressing employment issues is already included in the services that migration lawyers provide. Many of them have since moved to different cities in Australia and have changed jobs, but they still come to the immigration lawyer for help when they need legal assistance. Nothing compares to getting sound legal advice from an old friend.

• Family Law

Family is the basic unit of society, but modern society is so complex that sometimes this basic unit breaks down. Lawyers are there to make sure that it doesn’t break the people involved as well. They try to make it as manageable as possible by mediating for the best settlements for all parties involved.

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