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The holiday season is just around the corner and many people are already saving up for gifts and treats for their friends and loved ones. Year after year, this is the problem for some who are looking for unique but practical gifts for their respective recipients.

A customized gift is always more appealing and meaningful especially if it is well thought of. So, why not use the recipient’s own photograph – may it be his or her portrait or from a collection of photos that the person has shot. You can surprise your friend or relative with a cheap canvas print of their favorite photo especially if it is on a special occasion.

A housewarming party is yet another FRAMED PRINTS occasion to celebrate and a reason to get the host a gift. You may have a photo of the homeowners or you know their preferences in terms of scenic spots, wildlife, or any interesting subject that’s good on a photograph. You can go out of your way to shoot photos of possible subjects that they may like. You can then search the web for a website that can produce good quality canvas prints to capture the images on this medium. You can also have the canvas stretched or framed nicely, so the recipient can mount it on the wall.

Bigger canvas prints are also great to give away as gifts or souvenirs for various events. Family portraits and group shots are the best for larger canvas and any other large print mediums. Family reunions, class homecomings, weddings, and proms are best captured in collages and mosaics, or plain large photos of the groups. By printing such large portraits on canvas will give them a different dimension. You can even choose a type of finish or add an artistic touch to make the photo look vintage.

Awards and recognition events are also ideal occasions to give away cheap canvas prints. If you are organizing this event, you might as well include a giveaway to your awardees. If this is for a company, it is easy to get photos of the awardees from your human resources or from their immediate superiors. Make it a surprise so they will enjoy it even more. You can even hire a graphic artist to tweak the photos a bit to make them look like portraits on a magazine cover. But instead of using gloss paper, have them printed on canvas and framed afterwards, so the recipients can hang them on the wall.

There’s no end to the possibilities of giving away cheap canvas prints. They are versatile, affordable, and can be customized for the recipient’s enjoyment.