unscented dripless taper candles

Transform any room these stunning tealights. It’s remarkable how simple candles like these can set the mood. They add warmth and color to any indoor or outdoor space. The soft, beautiful golden flame adds a touch of style and calmness that standard lightning cannot match.


A Real Name Behind Each Candle

As a driving force in the luxury and lumanari de lux standard home industry for 30 years, Michael Zohar’s reputation is unparalleled. A true pioneer, he brings to the candle industry his classical style, and unique creativity. With an enduring love of candles. Michaels sensibility can be sparked by a single detail. Whether it comes from art, fashion, cuisine, Michael is creating an entire world, from the candles to container to the packagings .


THESE ARE NO ORDINARY TEALIGHT CANDLES: Our 30 pack of 1.5-inch scented tealight candles seamlessly fit in all candleholders and warmers. They’re carefully crafted from natural palm wax and have a long 3.5 hour burn time. The wick is made from natural cotton with no lead or chemicals. These candles will not smoke or drip.

VARIETY OF MAGICAL SCENTS TO PICK FROM: There’s sure a candle air freshener scent that you love. Choose from Black Cherry, French Vanilla, Lavender, and Peach. Each one will fill your room with aromatics that tickle your nose. You won’t believe how much a small candle can pack such a lovely natural-smelling fragrance.

THERE ARE NEARLY ENDLESS PRACTICAL USES: Our non-toxic tea lights candles have tons of uses from parties and events to businesses and emergencies. They’re excellent for romantic decor, home, kitchen, bathroom, pool, wedding, meditation, baby shower, massage, bridal shower, spa, holidays, rituals, aromatherapy, yoga, religious memorials, DIY crafts, church, emergencies, survival, and more.

PUT YOUR TRUST IN MICHAEL ZOHAR CANDLES: We’ve been helping people all over the world light up spaces indoors and outdoors with our premium candles. It’s our passion.