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Prestige Carpet & Duct Cleaning is a local, family business owned by the Helps family. Together with our many long term, dedicated employees we work hard to deliver the highest quality service to our tens of thousands of loyal clients.

Prestige Carpet & Duct Cleaning has professional housekeeping services served Southern Ontario residents since 1988. From small beginnings we’ve grown to become one of Ontario’s largest and most respected provider of award winning professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and duct cleaning services to residential clients, new home builders, institutions and commercial enterprise.

Industry leading training, rigorous hiring standards, the best equipment and generous compensation to our staff allows Prestige Carpet & Duct Cleaning to deliver consistent service and a great value. All of our people go through a rigorous screen process before hiring. This process includes security checks for your safety and several personal interviews. We do not hire seasonal or temporary staff as we are only interested in career oriented people that share our vision of quality and service.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning

Full System Clean? Prestige Duct Cleaning

Multi-Point System Check™. Thorough pre-check of system operation.

We Treat Your Home With Care. Drop sheets, moving blankets, corner guards and register covers are used as necessary.

Full System Clean, Not a Bypass Duct Cleaning. We clean the Furnace Blower and Blower Housing.

Dual Zone Cleaning. System is cleaned in “zones” using Roto-Whip™ safe cleaning method.

Thorough Duct Cleaning. 150-200 PSI Roto-Whip™ is used in every duct, including hot air vents, cold air returns & basement vents for a thorough, full-system clean.

Professional Finishing. Sealed access panels are created for convenient future access. The outside of your furnace is wiped down.

Final Touches. Furnace is tested for ignition and fan operation.

Before The Cleaning Begins.

After covering their shoes with a clean, new set of boot covers your Prestige Duct Cleaning tech specialist will complete a thorough inspection of your system before the cleaning begins. Every home is unique and it is very important that your tech specialist examine your situation so they can proceed with the safest and best approach to your individual furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning requirements. Once the inspection is complete your Prestige Duct Cleaning Tech specialist will carefully explain the work that will be performed before it is done.

Roto-Whip™ SystemSafe Cleaning

At Prestige Duct Cleaning we use the Roto-Whip™ SystemSafe furnace cleaning and air duct cleaning method to deliver the direct surface contact cleaning benefits of old-style brush cleaning combined with the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems. Unlike conventional air-wand or brush cleaning, the Roto-Whip™ system penetrates deep into your duct system without the risk of damaging internal components or closing pre-set dampers and adversely affecting system airflow. Prestige Duct Cleaning offers only one method of furnace cleaning to our customers because we do not believe in providing a service that is lower than our highest standards. Our only method is our best method, no extra charge!

Duct Cleaning vs Furnace Cleaning

For piece of mind after your air handling system had been thoroughly cleaned, you may want to consider disinfecting your system with an approved Disinfectant/Fungicide. We use Benefect® which kills 99.999% of bacteria , mold and fungi growth that may be in your air handling system caused by the combination of humidity and soiling in a dark confined space.

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